Buy a property in Palma de Mallorca: the best place to live

Palma is the capital of the largest Balearic Island, Mallorca. It is a city which has countlessly been voted as the best place to live in the world by accredited media publishers and journalists. In this blog article, Grupo Roma, real estate agency in Palma de Mallorca will be taking a look at what makes this city the best place to live in. Keep reading to find out more.


The historic old town of Palma full of enchanting properties for sale

This historic island has many secrets hidden within it and one of its most beautiful secrets is the old town in the centre of Palma de Mallorca. Its picturesque cobbled narrow streets are filled with interesting shops, bars and restaurants, it is also home to some of the most beautiful historical buildings which have remained well preserved over the course of many centuries. Wandering around this area is to take a step back in time and feel the true essence of Mallorca. Making it the perfect place to buy a property in Mallorca, take a look at our penthouses for sale in Palma de Mallorca and discover the incredible views you could enjoy from your property.


The best urban districts for buying a property in Palma de Mallorca

The Balearic capital offers the best of the past and the present, with a harmonious mix of old picturesque streets which run alongside innovative architecture. It is home to some of the trendiest and chic districts on the island. Areas such as La Lonja and El Paseo del Borne are just some examples of the best shopping and gastronomy areas on the island. Within them are stores filled with the latest international shopping brands and offers of cutting edge gastronomic trends. The coolest place to catch up with friends and enjoy another side to this versatile city. If you prefer to be close to the city but with a more relaxed feel, why not take a look at our apartments for sale in Santa Catalina, this former fishing village offers the atmosphere of a traditional Mallorcan district but with all of the characterful amenities you could ask for like local markets, modern eateries and tree lined streets. Another fantastic area of Palma is the ‘Zona Colegios’ (the school district) which as you can imagine is filled with the cities best educational institutions, start building the foundation for your children and take a look at our apartments for sale in the Zona Colegios.


The clear waters of the Mediterranean

Another great benefit of owning a property in Palma de Mallorca is that you will never be too far from the magical Mediterranean Sea. This capital city has some of the most beautiful stretches of unspoilt white sandy beaches, the perfect spot to relax, unwind and gaze upon the beauty of its coastline.


300 days of yearly sunshine

It’s no secret that the weather creates an effect on our day to day mood. Perhaps that is why we feel such joy when travelling abroad for some much needed sun. The city of Palma de Mallorca has on average 300 days of yearly sunshine which must be the reason behind why its inhabitants have such a happy and friendly character. With a property in Palma you would be able to enjoy this ideal all year round climate and be a resident in the best city in the world.


Low crime rates providing safety for the properties for sale in Palma de Mallorca

A person’s safety and the way they feel in the city which they live in is very important. Palma is known for having very low crime rates, which means that by buying an apartment for sale in Palma de Mallorca you are guaranteed to feel safe and secure travelling around the city no matter what time of day it is. It is also a great choice for those who want to live in a big city but to enjoy the security benefits of a small island.


Contact our real estate agents in Palma de Mallorca and start living in paradise

In this blog article we have given you all the details on why you should buy a property in Palma de Mallorca, the next step is to contact us and start your journey of living in the best city in the world. Our real estate agents in Palma de Mallorca have vast experience and a great knowledge of the market, let us help you to find the perfect property!


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