Real estate agents in Palma: Apartments for sale in El Molinar

It’s not a secret that Palma de Mallorca is one of the biggest natural paradises that we can find within Spain. Tourists across the world head to it with the objective of enjoying the greatness of this Balearic paradise. A great atmosphere, an exceptional climate and a leisure offer which very few cities can offer in the world, make this one of the most visited destinations year after year.

Nonetheless, the city of Palma de Mallorca is still capable of hiding within it little secret spots which will make your stay an unbeatable memory. We’re talking about El Molinar, a corner of Palma which has hidden within it a bounty of beauty. Inheriting its name from the amount of windmills which are scattered all across its surroundings, El Molinar is a paradise for those who love the beach and tranquillity.

Apartments for sale in El Molinar are starting to become some of the most in demand properties on the island. Do you want to know why? Grupo Roma, real estate agents in Palma de Mallorca, will be giving you all the details in this article.


Pisos en venta en El Molinar, una decisión inteligente

The fishermen and the farmers who initially made up a large portion of the inhabitants of this area, have since moved elsewhere, and now the inhabitants of Palma are increasingly looking for apartments for sale in El Molinar.

The area of El Molinar is well known for saving itself from mass tourism, transforming it in to one of the most idyllic areas in the zone.

Would you like to know the benefits of choosing an apartment for sale in El Molinar?


Ámbito deportivo

Living in El Molinar is enjoying one of the best sports offers which you will find in Palma de Mallorca. Thanks to the excellent location in which it’s located, you can choose amongst an ample range of sports options, such as swimming along its calm beaches, running along its promenade or even surfing in its crystal clear waters.

Thanks to the excellent geographical location in which they are located, the apartments for sale in El Molinar offer a series of high class options rivalling those of leading European cities.



Its natural surrounding is one of this areas main attractions. Apartments for sale in El Molinar offer views that no other city can provide. With the sea at our feet, whilst the mountains are perfectly visible from some of our best apartments.

The ample contrast which this town has to offer means that it is capable of making anyone fall in love with it.


Ocio y restauración

Due to it being a fishing town, El Molinar is a place where we can enjoy the best seafood across the entire Balearics Islands. The gastronomic offer which spans along its promenade is excellent, presenting one of the best culinary options which we can find in this marvellous geographical enclave.

The apartments for sale in El Molinar are capable of emitting tranquillity, a silence and a quality of life which we can’t find in any other destination in the world. Head to El Molinar and elevate your lifestyle to a superior level.

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